From corporate and acting headshots to professional restaurant/food photography services and much more, I take great pride in being able to provide my clients with a range of photography services, and can even serve as a product and catalog photographer for you. Here is a closer look at a few of the specific studio photography services I can offer to you through IPI Event Photography.

Corporate & Acting Headshots

Do you need to take a new corporate headshot for work, or are you looking to launch a modeling career that will require a portfolio filled with headshots? Regardless of the occasion, IPI Event Photography will set you up with a winning headshot. I will sit down with you when you come to the studio and speak with you about the kind of headshots you want, and the best options for bringing that vision to fruition. It is my goal to help you project yourself in the best possible light on your website, portfolio, or social media page through high quality corporate and acting headshots.

Food & Restaurant Photography

If you own a restaurant or work in the food industry, then you know just how influential food photography is. Food photos often serve as teasers for your customer base. At IPI Event Photography, I can offer you professional restaurant/food photography services that will capture the senses of your customers, compelling them to make reservations at your establishment. For restaurant owners, nothing is more satisfying than practically selling out of a popular dish. Take advantage of food photography and get the crowds of customers you’ve been wishing for.

Product & Catalog Photography

Studio photography is one of our specialties at IPI Event Photography, and I can promise to deliver quality studio photoshoots for a variety of occasions. My photoshoots are project-specific and carefully executed, so there’s no guesswork about the end product. To set up an appointment with me, call IPI Event Photography at 914-588-3642 today.